Separation Anxiety

Is your dog stressed out, anxious, and fearful when you leave the house? Alone time doesn’t have to be so scary.

Does your dog freak out when you try to leave the house?

If your dog has separation anxiety, when left home alone they might:

  • cry, bark, whine or howl
  • destroy the house
  • eliminate in the house when they’re fully house trained 
  • they might even injure themselves

You’re not alone. Having a dog with separation anxiety can be life changing, and not in the way we want. The good news is, is that your dog can learn to be home alone, safely. If you think your best-fur-friend may be suffering from separation anxiety, we can help.

What to expect

Our separation anxiety programs are evidence-based, humane, and effective, and all done virtually over zoom.

We’re passionate about helping guardians achieve safe home alone time for their pups because we know that it can be extremely isolating. Your dog needs a consistent, ethical plan to help you both feel confident while you take a trip to the grocery store, grab a coffee with a friend, or go for dinner with your partner.

All of our separation anxiety packages start off with an initial consultation and assessment. During this consult, we will review your dog’s history & current behaviours, talk about the training program, get you set up for communication and where to find your plans, and do a live assessment.

What you get

  • 4 weeks of separation anxiety training
    • 5 customized training plans per week (20 total)
    • 2 check-ins via zoom (one halfway through, one at the end)
  • Video review of training sessions
  • Data tracking
  • Communication between sessions (during business hours) via text or email
  • Resources as needed
  • Communication with your vet as needed
Investment: $550+gst
Once you’ve completed your 4 week package, you have the option to move into a modified separation anxiety package. You get 5 training plans per week (20 total), but no zoom check ins.
Investment: $185+gst

Why virtual training?

  • Separation anxiety related behaviours are best treated without your trainer there with you in person
  • We’re coaching you how to train your dog
  • Less stress for the dog (& sometimes the human!)
  • Meetings from the comfort of your own home
  • Flexible scheduling

How it works

  • Book your consult & fill out the intake form
  • You’ll be emailed a zoom link for your scheduled meeting at least 2 days before
  • If you haven’t already, download the zoom client
  • Test your internet connection
  • Be ready with your camera & audio (your cellphone works just fine)
  • Meet with your trainer!

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Separation Anxiety

Myth vs Fact

I let my dog sleep in my bed every night. This is causing/contributing to their separation anxiety.
Letting your dog sleep in your bed will not cause separation anxiety.
Crate training your dog will cure their separation anxiety.
Most dogs actually do much better free roaming, and leaving them in their crate can increase separation related behaviours. Some dogs also may have confinement anxiety, vs separation anxiety.
It's my fault my dog has separation anxiety, I never left him alone as a puppy.
You shouldn't come back if your dog is crying, howling, etc. It will teach them that that gets you to come back.
Not only is this untrue, but it can be extremely harmful. You risk sensitizing your dog that you leaving is very stressful, plus, new research shows that this can have adverse neurological effects on our dogs.